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Frequently Asked Questions


So why two waiver signature sites?


Some events and rowing programs cannot use the USRowing waiver system( due to insurance issues or do not wish to require their applicants to become a USRowing member. This site allows these event directors to securely collect and store their waiver. 


How do I sign a waiver?


It's easy. Simply click on the link below to get started. The waiver process takes less than 2 minutes to complete and is very similar to the USRowing waiver signature process(Similar form and we upon request notify your coach or team representative)


What's done with my information?


We do not sell, share or distribute your information to any other party besides the event director. To date, we have received over 40,000 signatures and despite many requests from rowing associations and companies we have never released any member information. 


How can I check to see if I've signed my waiver? 


Click here to check the status of your waiver. If you've been told by your team representative and/or coach that you have not signed your waiver can confirm this right here. It is IMPORTANT that you use the email address you've provided to your coach to sign your waiver. We match each waiver against against a unique email address. 

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